New Sensibilities: Women’s Visions from Persistence and Resistance

Rev. Dr. Frances Sink

Across decades in this country, women’s voices in their truth-telling and risk taking have made the invisible visible. Charting new ways forward out of regressive and oppressive social structures that have limited the flourishing of all our humanity. From women’s suffrage to … read more.

Rise and Shine!

Rev. Dr. Frances Sink

 Often the visitor to UUC exclaims, “I didn’t know a place like this existed! Why haven’t I heard of you before now? Good question! How we answer it could make all the difference in how this congregation moves forward on our journey … read more.

Our Voice, Our Vote!

Guest Worship Leader:  Petra Thombs

This Sunday we lift up the men and women whose sacrifice brought about the Voting Rights Act, including Unitarian Universalists who answered the call from Dr. King. The events of Bloody Sunday and the marches to Montgomery were a critical point … read more.