We are actively seeking volunteers to help implement our “Return to In-Person Services” initiative. Over the spring and summer, a Task Force has been making plans, monitoring guidelines, and getting ready to return to our Sanctuary!

It is important to understand the need to balance the desire to reconvene in person, and underscore the importance of using prevailing science, and protocols tested elsewhere, in outlining a transition plan. Lynne Lane, Board President

While announcing a specific return date may be premature, the need for a transition plan and volunteers to implement that plan is not.

When in-person worship is reinstated we hope to establish a hybrid, “dual-platform” Sunday Worship service. Our vision is to conduct the service in the Sanctuary for those who wish to attend in-person, and also to live stream it on a Zoom platform. In this way, it is our hope that people who are not yet comfortable, or are unable to join us to worship in person, have the means to be connected, from home or another remote location, to those in the Sanctuary. Your Board feels strongly that transitioning to a hybrid/dual platform service is the right thing to do for accessibility, even after pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

There is a technical team working on acquiring and wiring components to tie it all together. This includes modifications to our sound system, installation of a 75″ television screen, and the addition of a control laptop and a couple of tablets with built-in cameras. We are currently in the cost evaluation and feasibility phase of this plan.

Now is the time to gather our volunteer worship team!
  • We will need greeters, both in the sanctuary (which we have always had, populated mainly from our Membership Team), and “on camera” for the zoom portion (which is a new position added over the past year of Zoom services).
  • We will need a few more techies to help run the zoom piece. We have had two devoted volunteers doing this every week since we moved to Zoom Worship in the spring of 2020! It’s past time to add 2-3 new people to that team, so that no one must feel chained to the control desk. The training and operations are simple for anyone with rudimentary computer skills.
  • We will need volunteers to open the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings and assist the minister or guest speaker with setup.
  • If we are to resume our Coffee Hour we will need to reinitiate a system of volunteers to help out.
  • And of course we will need to re-establish our Religious Education volunteer corps for weekly Sunday School.

Where can YOU plug in to help us get back to the Sanctuary? Please contact our administrator to express your interest. She will get you to the proper team coordinator.