The Board is actively seeking volunteers for a “Return to In-Person Services” Task Force comprised of 3-7 members of the congregation. Anyone interested in participating should reach out to a Board member before next Sunday.

The Board understands the need to balance the desire to reconvene in person, against the risks, and underscores the importance of using prevailing science, and protocols tested elsewhere, in outlining a transition plan.

While recommending a specific return date may be premature, the need for a transition plan is not.

When in-person worship is reinstated the plan is for us to establish a hybrid, or, as it’s also known, a dual-platform service. The service will be conducted in the sanctuary for those who wish to attend in-person, and it will also be live streamed, allowing people who prefer to attend via zoom to continue doing so. This will ultimately provide a balanced approach that allows for inclusion, even after pandemic concerns are no longer an issue.

Specific questions we would like the Task Force to address include:

  1. What conditions would need to be met in order for us to expand our current Zoom-only services to a hybrid/dual platform service model?
  2. What preparations need to be undertaken to make dual platform worship services possible, safe, and effective?
The Task Force is encouraged to:
  1. Consult with the UUC minister, DRE, and other invested, interested parties.
  2. Consider resources from the UUA, the CDC, and other congregations who are asking these same questions.
The Board will be asking for an initial report from the Task Force at its next Board Meeting, April 14th.