UUC has been a presence, the voice of liberal religion in downtown Stamford since 1870. Even when many families and other places of worship were moving north towards the suburbs in the middle of the twentieth century, our congregation voted to stay on the site where we still gather today. Now, as the vibrancy of our downtown has returned in recent years, we are here to participate in its gifts and its challenges.

Growing the Soul of Stamford

We participate in partnerships and networks with other local organizations that share our commitment to increasing resiliency and adaptability in our city life together. We commit our resources to programs whose missions are to support and advocate for people in need and emerging populations in our community. We support efforts to grow energy sustainability and to adapt to climate change in our own congregation and also across all sectors of our community. We are ready to respond to justice issues that need our liberal religious voice in the public square.

The Public Square

Part of the responsibility of being a downtown congregation is to bring our liberal religious voice to the “public square.” According to the Center on Religious Expression (CRE), the public square exists both literally and figuratively. It can be an actual public square, like our lawn on the busy corner where Forest, Prospect, and Bedford Streets come together at Latham Park. It can be a newsletter, a blog, or an internet forum. Or, it can be a gathering place like our sanctuary auditorium for community worship, meetings and dialogue about important issues.

The public square is wherever we freely engage as citizens to experience and talk about our world together. In Stamford, our public square is rich with people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and gifts. Our participation enriches our understanding of the complex world in which we live.


Stamford is home to a diverse, multicultural and multigenerational mix of people. At UUC, we welcome diversity not just in religious orientation, but also in ethnicity, gender, income, age, and ability. We welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals, families, and communities. We welcome elders who are choosing the services and ease of city life, as well as young adults who are attracted to the location and entertainment Stamford offers. We welcome multiethnic and multireligious families who don’t want to have to choose one expression of their identity over another. We understand that in the midst of diversity we find our creativity, grow our spiritual edges, and become stronger together. We welcome you.