On the second Saturday of each month, Downtown E.A.T.S. provides dozens of hot meals for the community. In addition to providing a community lunch, the church provides a bag of groceries for people who wish to supplement their resources.

July 9, 2016 was the fifth anniversary for Downtown Eats and a big thank you is due to everyone that has participated in the growth, evolution, and success of keeping this program alive. If there is anything we’ve learned, it is all about team work! The steady supply of volunteers and donations we receive are integral to this community outreach program. We started as a soup kitchen offering lunch, take away meals, a safe & clean place for emotional connection, and a small pantry. Today, in addition to what we are currently doing, we have expanded to offer fresh produce in our pantry, a “goodwill” center that gives away gently used clothing, books, toiletries, linens, toys, bibles, & etc., opening prayer in Spanish & English, donations from the volunteers towards the lunch, and from time to time we have been known to provide live entertainment. If you would like to contribute to Downtown Eats, here’s a list of items that you can donate.

Goodwill Center:

1. Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo & conditioner, lotion)
2. Used books (any topic, children & adult oriented)
3. Bibles (children & adult)
4. Gently used clothing (shirts, pants, socks, tee shirts, blouses, skirts)
5. Linens (pillow cases, sheets, blankets, towels)
6. Toys/ Games

Food Pantry
1. Fresh produce
2. Pasta/ Pasta sauce
3. Bagels
4. Peanut Butter/ Jelly
5. Cereal/ Cereal Bars
6. Coffee/ Tea
7. Tuna Fish
8. Beans/ Rice
9. Soups
10. Mac & Cheese
11. Juice Boxes
12. Instant oatmeal
13. Canned veggies

Thank you to all members and friends of First Congregational Church of Stamford, for your generosity and labor is what allow Downtown Eats to be the hands & feet of Jesus Christ.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you are looking for a meal and friendship, we hope you will drop by and share a meal with loving members of the church.