Being Present

“One of the most difficult parts of being present in 2020
            is holding simultaneously the reality of destruction,
                        as well as the deep potential of what can come.”

~ Thelma Young Lutunatabua, Radical Reimagining                                               

This month’s theme of ministry is “Deep Listening”. Our covenant groups will be exploring the topic this month. Last Sunday’s service was all about “Hearing Voices” and held up the voices we might not be hearing. This Sunday’s service, we will be reflecting on the “Still Small Voice” within– and how to know which voice is the right voice to listen to. At the heart of all of this listening is the practice of Being Present.  In the moment, in the space, in the conversation, in the activity. The Buddhists call it “mindfulness”. Humanists might refer to it as intently paying attention or awareness.  However you refer to it, it is a practice worth developing. It isn’t easy. There are so many distractions, so many things calling to us. Emotions and memories, plans and worries– they all demand our attention. It takes effort to be fully present in THE present. And it is in that presence, when deep listening takes place, that we might find peace, or wisdom, or compassion, or even transformation.

Look for an email from me in the coming months with an invitation to chat. I’d like to get to know you better. I’d like to hear your story. I’d like to be present with you– though, in the interest of safety, it will have to be by phone or by Zoom. I hope you will take me up on the invitation.

Assuming the infection numbers don’t surge or spike in my area or Stamford, I’m planning my next visit to the UUC grounds. I hope to be there (with Spirit) on Saturday the 24th. I’ll finalize and post details in next week’s e-blast.

Another way we can be present with one another is by staying informed and maintaining our connections and community. In service to those goals, the UUC U-Blast is starting up again. In addition to the weekly eBlast, which includes these musings and upcoming events, we will also have a monthly U-Blast, which will contain contributions from the Minister, the DRE, the Board President, committees and teams, and other members about what has been going on here at UUC-Stamford. What have we been doing? What do we want to share with one another? The U-Blast will come out once a month via email– though if you really would rather get a paper copy via regular mail, please let Christine (UUC Admin) know. We would like to keep paper use and postage cost down, but we also want as many people to “Be Present” for this monthly community update. If you a have submission you want to have considered for the U-Blast, you can send it to Bonnie Currie or to me, Rev. Craig. We will decide what gets published based on space and by relevancy to the UUC community and mission.


Rev. Craig