Fully Vaccinated

Cheryl and I both got our 2nd shot last week. The process was easy and quick and the folks were all quite friendly. I wore my “I Support Science” t-shirt and my duck bill mask. The mask was a big hit. I like to bring the fun when I can. Unfortunately, Cheryl and I were in small percentage of folks that get hit hard with faux symptoms after the 2nd shot. We spent a few days quite miserable and then were all better. A small price to pay to have a well-informed, prepared immune system. In a couple of weeks we will be considered fully vaccinated. We are still being cautious and we still wear our masks when out in public. But, we are also making those personal care appointments we have put off for a year. And we are making travel plans. As long as the numbers don’t go haywire or we enter into a new lock-down, we have a few trips planned in the next few months.

I’m hoping to be in Stamford at UUC on May 1st for an outdoor May Day celebration. I’ve delivered May baskets in past years, but I’ve never had the pleasure of dancing around a May pole. Maybe this year is the year for it. May Day traditionally celebrates the start of summer, the bounty of flowers, and the joy in the natural world. In many countries, the day has also become a celebration of International Worker’s Day. Stay tuned for more details for our May Day event.

Two weeks later, I hope to return to Stamford for a special outdoor worship celebration, a carnival of color, a party of play, a service of silly. Assuming the weather permits, Darlene and I are planning an intergenerational, interactive service celebrating and participating in the spirituality of play and the theology of fun. More details, soon!

Wisely Cautious

All these plans depend on our numbers continuing to go down so we can safely travel and gather. And even if we are vaccinated, we’ll all need to wear our favorite masks and stay physically distanced. Safety and Science are still our guiding principles during this pandemic. If we all work together and move slowly towards the goal, we’ll get there a lot faster and all together.


Rev. Craig