Now What?

The Work of Democracy Begins”, Rev. Anastassia Zinke
(Inspired by “The Work of Christmas” by Howard Thurman)

When the lights of the polling places are switched off,
when the banners from rallies come down,
when the organizers and poll workers are back home,
when lawyers archive their casework,
Then the work of Democracy begins:
to heal the nation,
to contain the pandemic,
to provide for the destitute,
to release the children prisoners,
to call each other neighbor and countryman,
to bring peace among the people,
to make music in the heart.

And so here we are. The days after the election. Shocked. Dismayed. Afraid. Angry.
We’ve been here before. Four years ago. The same feelings, only worse, perhaps.
Wondering, “How could this happen?” “What does this mean?” “What will happen to us?”
Thinking of our families, our neighbors, our friends… the strangers on the street.
Wondering, “Who did they vote for?” “How could they do that?”

Some of us are afraid for our families, our legal status, our rights, our children, our very lives.
Others are afraid for others– secure in our positions of privilege that we will survive this.
Meanwhile, the threat of the pandemic continues.
Meanwhile, the votes are still being counted.
Meanwhile, the moral arc of the universe is waiting– hanging there– suspended–
Waiting and wondering… “What will they do now?”

It isn’t over. It has just begun. Again.
There is work to do.

After we grieve and heal and breathe.

There is work to do.
Let’s get to it.


Rev. Craig