One More Year Around the Sun

It’s my birthday this week. March 6th, to be exact. I have a few traditions and rituals when it comes to celebrating birthdays. First, in my family, it is somewhat traditional to call the person on their birthday and sing Happy Birthday to them. This tradition has slowly fallen by the wayside over the last couple of years. Second, it is traditional to get the dessert of your choosing on your birthday. This year, I’ve asked Cheryl to make her famous triple chip cookies. (I already got a bag of Toffee Jim’s cookies in the mail last week– but they won’t last until the actual birthday.) For the last decade or so, I’ve tried to host a big gaming party on my birthday. While that isn’t possible in person this year– we are, like everyone else has learned to do, adapting the idea to work virtually online. So, I’ll be playing games on-line with friends from all over the world during my birthday break. (I highly recommend for on-line games.) And finally, I give myself the gift of preaching a Geek Sermon every year. Geek Sermons are theological reflections on some topic that is a geeky passion of mine. This year’s Geek Sermon will be on Pets.. our companion animals.
•    I’ll be on vacation March 5th – 7th. If you have an emergency, please do call or text me at 607-287-7906.

•    March 7th, we will be having a Sojourn Service with my dear friend, Rev. Darcey Laine. She serves three different congregations, and all of them are looking forward to welcoming and worshipping with folks from UUC. See the announcement or the Sunday morning email for the link to the service.

•    Join me for the Geek Sermon, “Our Best Friends,” on March 14th! Feel free to bring your favorite best friend to the virtual service with you–Spirit and I will be happy to meet them and give them our special blessing.

Feel That?

While this month is a bit of a struggle at times– there is also something energizing in the air. Several folks have come to worship lately who haven’t been around in a while. Some folks have contacted me and other church leaders looking for ways to help out and reconnect. The days are getting longer. More and more of us are getting vaccinated every day. I think we can all feel a bit of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead for UUC.

If you are feeling that draw, that urge to reconnect and get involved, here are several ways to do just that:

•     Wednesday Lunches on Zoom at Noon. We usually have a lively, fun discussion.

•    Turn in your decorated ribbon and send a picture of yourself with arms outstretched
for the RECONNECT art project. (see announcements for more details)

•    Attend the RECONNECT STEWARDSHIP GALA on March 26th at 7 p.m.!

•    Volunteer with Religious Education, Worship, Communications or a Committee/Team.
Darlene has been doing an amazing job this year keeping things going, but as we move forward and the families start returning, we will need help.

People have been giving the worship services on Sunday morning rave reviews;
but the production of on-line worship requires work beyond writing the sermon.
If you have the skills or would like to learn how to do video editing, we need you.

The monthly newsletter requires submissions of writing and pictures. Then someone has to edit and put all those submissions together. Currently, Rev. Craig is doing the layout, but that will need to change.

The Board, the Committees, and the Teams of volunteers all keep UUC working, but they work best with new folks with good ideas and a sense of dedication. Finance, Building and Grounds, Pastoral Care, Social Justice… and more–

It’s a new year and UUC is getting ready to RECONNECT and get busy!


Rev. Craig