Welcome Our New Minister

With special thanks to our Ministerial Search Committee of Pam Bruno, Mark Fakundiny, and Bobbie Rich, we are proud to announce our new minister, Terri Pahucki. She tells her story best:

“My ministry is grounded in radical welcome, interdependence, and faith formation in community. I am a community gardener and love getting my hands in the dirt. The metaphor of ecological gardening can be extended to my work with communities as I look to the well-being of the whole in order that the garden may flourish. I do not do this work alone, but with others in shared ministry. ” She further relates “Over the past two years of my internship and sabbatical ministry, I have centered the embrace and celebration of our differences—diversity of age, race, gender, abilities, ancestry, culture, and theology. ” And this—-“the larger question of belonging looms at the forefront of my ministry.  How do we connect individual lives to the whole community? How do we weave the threads together? How do we create a tapestry large enough to hold us all? This is where the real work of healing begins.”

Terri received her MDiv, 2018-20 at Drew Theological School, as well as Hartford Seminary, Cooperative Mdiv, 2016-18. Presently, she is Sabbatical Minister at the UU Fellowship of Northern Westchester in Mount Kisco, NY. From 2015-2019, she was Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockland in Pomona, New York. She also was Chaplain Intern at Vassar Hospital from 2015-2016.  She is fellowshipped with the UUA and is scheduled to be ordained in late summer or early fall. Terri is married to her spouse, Lance, and together they have two teenage daughters, Camille and Elisa.  We welcome Terri enthusiastically, and she is due to come aboard August 15th. She related to me that she is so excited to begin our ministry together and is looking forward to getting to know everyone in the months ahead.

I might add that I had the pleasure of meeting Terri personally at our tag sale earlier this July as she popped in with Bobbie to have a look at our historic building. Bobbie and I gave her the “grand tour” and she seemed delighted with the space and the fact that we were a “downtown” congregational community. I am so looking forward to welcoming her with all of you as we begin a new chapter of shared ministry together!

Kind regards,