Called to a Larger Belonging: The Citizen Lobbyist in a Changing World of Need

Guest speaker:  Sandra Eagle

After years of abdicating  the democratic processes of self-governance to the “politicians,” the all too real possibility that our children will not have a habitable planet is waking us up en masse.  Safe water, air, food, and climate, a livable wage, an affordable home, and an end to gun violence are not ‘political’ issues, they are human issues. With the emergence of an engaged public and citizen lobbyists we are beginning to embody governance ‘by the people, for the people, and of the people.”

        Sandra Eagle has been on mission since childhood to do her part to generate a thriving, just, and peaceful world.  In her psychotherapy career she works to uplift individuals and families and as an executive coach she facilitates ‘evolutionary leadership culture’ in corporate settings. Since 2010, Sandra has honed the skills of a citizen lobbyist with, an anti-poverty organization whose view is that we have long had the resources to end hunger, but lack the political will. The principles of generating political will have become her expertise, and she is still on mission.