Accepting the Invitation of Darkness

Dear Ones,

The month of December brings us into a time of darkness. I invite us all to welcome this darkness- not as something to be feared, or obliterated with a million flashing lights. Let us take time over the next several weeks to slow our pace- as many animals do in cold weather to conserve their energy. To welcome darkness is to enter the unknown in the spirit of contemplation. To welcome darkness is to allow our questions and our yearning to simply be, without rushing to find answers. It is to create space for emergence- to notice the simplest of gifts that come to us unbidden.

Accepting the invitation of darkness also creates space for wonder- this month’s Soul Matters theme. The place I live in the Hudson Valley is far beyond the city lights. When I walk outside my house and look up, I am overcome with awe at the myriad stars that fill the sky above me. But we can find and create places of darkness without retreating to the country. In our first Soulful Sundown service at UUC this past week, we created a space for quiet and rest at the time of sunset in the sanctuary. Outside, the wind howled and the rain beat down upon the roof. A car alarm sounded incessantly, along with the rush of traffic.  But there was quiet and stillness and calm within. We will continue to create this space together on Wednesdays from 4-5 this month.

Whatever holiday traditions you may or may not celebrate, we are one community in the sharing of darkening days. Let us welcome and encourage this gift for one another.

Blessings to all this season,
Rev. Terri