Interfaith Council United Against Executive Order

This week the Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut released a statement opposing the new immigration policy imposed by President Trump by his executive order.  We expressed our deep distress at the injustice of the proposed “religious test” and decried the discrimination against individuals based on their religion.  We are troubled by this move in direct opposition to the freedoms of speech and religion which exist as part of the bedrock of our nation since its founding.

The greater Stamford community is religiously diverse and it is from the voices of many faith traditions. that we act and call upon our collective power of love and hope to send a strong message rejecting this action. The Interfaith Council is committed to continuing to provide opportunities for expressions of our shared commitments and concerns, community dialogue, and engagement during this time of turmoil and threats to the safety and wellbeing of our community’s and our nation’s immigrants, refugees, and faith communities.

Rev. Dr. Frances Sink

Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Board of Directors, The Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut

Read the full statement published in the Stamford Advocate here.