Moments of Pause

I am waking up to the sound of rain outside my window. This rainy morning in a week of June sunshine is a welcome reprieve for my garden- and my soul. It moves me into a time of reflection.

Tomorrow my 17 year old daughter, Camille, is graduating from high school. Many of you are experiencing similar milestones in your lives. This is a time of much ending and beginning. Even the simple movement from one grade level to the next is a reminder of how much our children (and grandchildren, nieces, and nephews) have grown this past year. As we get older we mark our time less and less. This is a loss, I think.  It serves our spirits well to mark moments.

I invite us all to slow down and reflect on our own lives- how we have personally changed and grown in these times.

My own life has changed dramatically over the past year. I have experienced a new ministry, ordination, and all of our emerging work together. I have also, in my personal life, experienced the ending and beginning of relationships, marital separation, moving, pets and children with their own life changes. Please know that I am well and have a wonderful system of support. Spiritual practice and beloved community have been grounding forces in a time of much transition.

As I think about our time ahead together, I realize that those two gifts of spiritual practice and beloved community are the ones I most wish to nurture together with all of you. We have worked over the past year to weave the threads of connection through our gatherings, and I will be inviting us to deepen more intentionally together in the year ahead. Wellspring Spiritual Deepening and Conversations focused on the 8th Principle are two opportunities to strengthen spiritual practice and beloved community that will begin in the fall. I will share more about these programs in upcoming messages and newsletters. If you are interested in learning more, let me know!

In the meantime, I invite you to reflect in the midst of life’s transitions. Take the moments of pause- both sunny and rainy ones- to think about how much you have grown.  Take the moments to consider how it is with your soul, your spirit, your yearning toward life. Take the moment to share your reflection with a friend or confidant (Note: I always welcome these messages!). Take the moment to cherish your gifts and open your sense of wonder for the world on this journey we travel together.

Rev. Terri