One United Stream

Dear Ones,

I am excited to gather with you once again in worship this Sunday! Our Ingathering service marks the official “beginning” of the church year. Worship is our central community ritual. We begin this week as a whole community of all ages- gathering our waters from many diverse places to converge into one united stream.

I am grateful to our lay leaders who have led services in the summer months: Janis Stahlhut, Maria Lassman, Bob Nixon, Elizabeth Jenkins-Sahlin, John Umlauf, Lynne Lane, Tony Allam, our Soul Matters members, and our guests from Poem Alley. I will be continuing our minister-lay leader partnership in worship this year with the presence of Worship Associates on the Sundays when I am present. This week Elizabeth will be assisting me in leading elements of our service. I am looking for others who enjoy choosing readings, lighting the chalice, or leading elements of our services. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, let me know!

As we begin this year, I invite you to join me in considering the ways our community extends beyond our doors. On this day remembered for tragedy and violence, we might join hands with people of other faiths in a gesture of friendship and camaraderie. (Join me at 1 PM at Mill Street Park for the Walk for Unity and Day of Impact sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut and several other organizations!)

May our waters join to create one stream powerful enough to change the world.

In peace,
Rev. Terri