Welcome to September – the Path of Belonging

September’s Theme: The Path of Belonging

What does it mean to truly belong? What does it mean to create a place of belonging for others- especially those so often outside the circle? How might we journey together on a path of belonging as we enter our new church year?

September’s Theme of Belonging invites us to contemplate and consider together. This year, I invite each of us to find a way to go deeper with these themes – perhaps through joining a small group, or volunteering to accompany our children in Religious Education. All ages will be exploring the Soul Matters themes this year, so the opportunities to join with others on this spiritual path beyond Sunday morning are many and varied.

The path of belonging is twofold. First, it involves taking a risk. We must risk walking through new doors in order to find our place of belonging. (Remember the first time you walked through these church doors??) Second, it involves taking a risk. We must risk extending ourselves to offer radical hospitality so that others may find their place of belonging. In both instances, belonging involves the vulnerability of becoming more open and drawing the circle wider.

In the month ahead, I invite you to try out this two-fold spiritual practice of belonging: First, try a new experience of connection. We have many new programs and events at UUC, listed below. What new thing would you like to try? Second, extend yourself to a stranger. Maybe it’s the new visitor on a Sunday morning. Maybe it’s a child, or a teenager, or an elder. What might you do to help that person find a place of belonging here in this community?

Friends, let us journey this path of belonging together.

In peace,
Rev. Terri