The UUC Lay Pastoral Care Team (LPCT) is charged with connecting to individuals and families dealing with loss, grief and personal struggles by providing support through various care-giving services. These include sending cards, coordinating rides, preparing and delivering food, and making home or hospital visits. The Team meets monthly to discuss current and potential care needs for members of the congregation, as well as creating programs to foster discussion about difficult issues.

IThe LPCT also hosts the Shawl Ministry, led by Lynne Lane, is a tight-knit group that meets monthly to create handcrafted items for members in need.

The Care Team members are Reverend Craig Schwalenberg, Lynne Lane, Maria Lassman, Ann Preston, Janis Stahlhut, and Celine DeMatteo.

If you have a need, concern or want to volunteer, please feel free to reach out to any members of the Care Team. If you have specific questions about the function of the Care Team, please contact Rev. Terri Pahucki. If you would like to join the Shawl Ministry Group, Lynne will be delighted to have you!