Singing the Journey: What’s in a Song?

Because Unitarian Universalism is an ever reforming “living tradition” so go the hymns we sing. Over time the songs we use to accompany our worship reflect our changing understanding of our mission to live our commitments to deepen in love and grow in compassion and … read more.

Curiosity & Compassion: How To Change a Conversation

When we’re intent on persuading others to see things our way, and judging them in the process, we seldom get the results we are seeking.  Developing our ability to “connect not correct” in our challenging interactions with others is the wisdom of Non-Violent Communication (NVC). … read more.

The Generous Life

How do we grow a generous life? Can it start anyplace other than where we grow our love? A sustained legacy of love has made our UUC community a unique spiritual home for diverse individuals and families for many years. Each generation of members brings … read more.