How Does Hope Conquer All?

Service Leader: Rich Finkelstein

Myths offer us larger than life portrayals of the human experience through the archetypes and themes they examine. There’s always the invitation to find ourselves in the story and reflect upon what we notice. Using the Greek myth of Prometheus and Pandora … read more.


Service leader: Janis Stahlhut

Our very own world traveler, Janis Stahlhut, will share her thoughts and maybe a few pictures of what this word means to her.  On a side-trip to Berlin last summer, Janis stumbled into their National Gallery and onto an exhibition … read more.

What Does It Mean To Be People of Curiosity?

A Soul Matters Experience                                                                                                   

According to UU minister, The Reverend Scott Taylor, Unitarian Universalists have fallen in love with a certain type of curiosity- the type of curiosity that leads to consequences.  Join the UUC weekday Soul Matters group for an exploration of curiosity together.  Soul Matters … read more.