The Game’s Afoot

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg
Let’s play a game. A game of life. With rules. And luck and chance. How do we play? How do we win? No one knows–that’s part of the game. (Please send finished crossword to Rev. Craig for a chance to win).

The UUC … read more.

Seeds, Flowers, & Bees

Flower Service / Multi-Generational HYBRID
Rev. Craig Schwalenberg & DRE Darlene Anderson-Alexander
Online Service • Outdoor Ritual • Social Picnic

Our traditional Unitarian Universalist Flower Service is this Sunday! We’ll be celebrating it with two different flower rituals from our history. During the online service via Zoom, people … read more.

Where Memory Presses Green Land

In his poem “Silenced Cries” James Coburn writes about the 1921 Tulsa Massacre and the racially motivated destruction of the Greenwood area, known as “Black Wall Street”. He says ” What do I know but clouds of smoke once rose … read more.