UUC Stamford strongly affirms the inherent worth and dignity of every person and acknowledges the ways that individuals and systems continue to harm members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community. We support the ongoing work of racial justice in Stamford and beyond. UUC Stamford had a strong presence at Bethel AME’s Martin Luther King Day Rally, and has participated in the city’s Juneteenth celebrations. We continue to look for other opportunities to support and show up for racial justice.

We also work on acknowledging our own biases so that we can continue to grow into a multiracial beloved community. As the 8th Principle of Unitarian Universalism says, this beloved community is achieved by accountably dismantl[ing] racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.” Racism must be undone within ourselves first. It is not enough to simply not be racist; we must actively be anti-racist. Some of our worship services explore these very topics so that we can continue to challenge ourselves and grow. Likewise, our  Anti-Oppression Team meets to discuss racial justice more in-depth and look for ways our UUC Stamford community can undo racism and other oppressions from within. The Team has hosted book discussions and film screenings to promote wider conversation. In the past, we’ve read Mistakes and Miracles: Congregations on the Road to Multiculturalism (a UU Association Common Read) and watched Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequality.

Our Social Justice Team meets on the third Sunday of every month, after worship. To find out more about our racial justice work, contact name! Lynne Lane or Rajesh Singh.

UUC member Rajesh Singh at Bethel AME’s 2023 MLK Day Rally