A wedding service is a beautiful celebration of the love that brings two people to commit their lives together in marriage. As such, the Unitarian Universalist wedding ceremony is crafted by the couple and the minister to best express the meaning and commitments they wish to have reflected in their vows and their life together.

There are no creedal or biblical requirements for marriage by a Unitarian Universalist minister. We welcome the opportunity to bless marriages that blend different religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

In addition to heterosexual unions, we welcome the opportunity to bless same–sex marriages. Our commitment to the inherent worth and dignity of all people has fostered a long Unitarian Universalist tradition of advocacy for the equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to marry.

If you are interested in discussing further amy of UUC’s Rites of Passage, please contact Rev. Terri Dennehy for more information or to make an appointment.