Brave Words, Forbidden Stories

October 16th is Courage of Our Stories Sunday! Our Worship Service will be followed by a Forum with Stamford Pride in Honor of LGBTQ+ History Month. Join us for this special event.

In-person and on Zoom
“Brave Words, Forbidden Stories”

Rev. Terri Pahucki

Words hold the power to affirm or erase our human identities. In recent years, the movement to forbid the telling of stories related to race, gender, and/or sexuality through book banning and censorship has grown both nationally and locally. What are the impacts of silencing human narratives? How are we called to respond with courage to lift up bold stories that give meaning and save lives? (Have a banned book on your shelf? Bring it to add to our collective altar! Here’s a few on the list.)

NOTE: This Service will be held In Person AND On Zoom!