The Call is Coming from Inside the Church!

Rev. Molly Brewer

In a time of pandemic and political uprising, the demands on our spirits are many. Often, it feels like we’re pulled in many directions at once. How do we choose where to put the gifts of our effort right now? The answers might be found if we look at home, right under our own noses.

Rev. Molly Brewer is serving remotely as the Youth Ministry Coordinator at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY. (Rev. Molly uses the non-binary pronouns fae/faer.) Prior to that, fae served our UU congregation in Auburn, Maine as their ministerial intern; as a group facilitator with the Church of the Larger Fellowship; and has preached in UU congregations across the country. Rev. Molly lives in Maine with faer husband and their two cats, Husker and Widgey.

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