Mutuality for “Do-ers”

The Pastoral Care Team and Rev. Sink

 In congregations volunteers are essential to all we do to create a thriving community.. We are constantly given the message to give of ourselves. Does it surprise you that generally we are better at giving than receiving? Many of … read more.

What does it mean to be a people of wholeness?

A Soul Matters Experience

Wholeness is a state of being, not of doing. What contributes to the experience of wholeness? While aspects of life can feel broken, in ourselves or in our world, what does the search for wholeness teach us about the discoveries that come … read more.

Ingathering:  We Begin Again In Love

Save the Date!

Today’s service will be followed by a Potluck reception!

Ingathering begins our community’s congregational year together.  We all begin in the Sanctuary for songs and introductions, and then the Nursery program and Child and Youth programs commence.  For the traditional Water … read more.