Fur, Fins, Feathers, and Francis

A Sojourn Service with the Northwest UU Congregation of Sandy Springs, GA
Rev. Misha Sanders will lead this service honoring Saint Francis Assisi and all of our animal companions.
All are welcome to participate in a Blessing of the Animals.

Hearing Voices: Indigenous People Day

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg

When you heard the story of who we are, whose voice did you hear?

When you hear plans for our future and solutions to our problems, whose voices do you hear?  Whose voices are missing?

Whose voices are we listening for?  Whose voices are calling out?

Still Small Voice

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg

“Trust yourself: every heart vibrates to that iron string,” said Emerson, as he spoke of the “still, small voice within.” But with all the voices within, how do we know which voice is the one worth listening to?

The Choir Invisible

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg

The poet, George Eliot, wrote of “the choir invisible, whose music is the gladness of the world.” The Christian Bible refers to a “great cloud of witnesses.”  How might we refer to those who have travelled this path before us, preparing the way, … read more.