Connecting with UU’s Everywhere

I am writing this message on Monday evening- as I prepare to travel to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly (GA) in Portland, Oregon. This is the first in-person GA since 2019- and my first on the west coast. This year’s General Assembly is an opportunity to connect with and meet UU’s from all around the continent (I’ll be staying with a housefull of Canadian colleagues, actually). It is an opportunity to attend to important business- such as electing new members of the UUA Board of Trustees and elevating our voices as a denomination on issues such as Labor Union Support, Climate Change, Education, Abortion Rights, and may others through Actions of Immediate Witness (you can read the full list of proposals here). I will also be attending workshops on subjects such as the 8th Principle, Trauma, and NeuroEthics, attending this year’s Ware Lecture by historian and anti-racism scholar, Ibram X. Kendi, and deepening spiritually through community singing, ritual, and worship. I will be glad to share a full report with everyone when I return to the East Coast!

Many GA attendees will also be joining online. GA has been multi-platform for several years, in order to be accessible to the largest number of people. In addition, some events are live-streamed . This e-blast is reaching your inbox a couple hours early so that you don’t miss the Service of the Living Tradition- starting at 7PM ET! The SLT recognizes Ministry Milestones. Last year, I was recognized in the online GA for attaining Preliminary Fellowship as a Minister- and this year all of us who had milestones during the pandemic will get to walk across the stage formally as a group. (Of course, if you do miss seeing it live, you can always go back and watch the recording.)

Other open events are listed below. The Synergy Bridging Worship recognizes high school graduates, and the Sunday Worship is the largest gathering of Unitarian Universalists each year. This congregation will have the opportunity to watch a recording of the Sunday Worship service together on July 3rd during the regularly scheduled worship time.

I will be thinking of you all as I travel, and hope some of you can join me next year when the UU General Assembly is a little closer to home in Pittsford, PA!

In peace,
Rev. Terri