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The Darkening of Days

Dear Ones,

As we enter the month of December, we may notice the darkening of days. Darkness offers us an invitation to enter a space of unknowing– a space of mystery, quiet, comfort, and rest. I invite us to enter that space of contemplation– to slow … read more.

Siding With Love

The tragedy of the world right now has left us in a state of anxiety. We are stunned and angered by the horrific attacks on innocent people in Israel and Gaza, and ongoing violence in other places, and wonder if the cycles of trauma … read more.

Where Are You From?

Where are you from? I might answer this simple question with the story of my childhood home: The United States. Upstate New York. Rochester. Beechwood. Springfield Ave. My mother’s garden of carrots and lettuce and the smell of clean sheets billowing on a clothesline in … read more.


This Sunday we celebrate Homecoming. This is a time in our congregational year when we return from summer’s rest to a full multigenerational gathering, kicking off new programs and activities, and celebrating our interdependence with one another. We bring water from many places far and … read more.

July Renewal

Dear Ones,

Over the past month, I have taken much-needed time away from the congregation to renew my spirit and reflect. July was spent enjoying time with family, my partner, and my pets, with reading and gardening, and with noticing and pondering our changing world. Study Leave … read more.

Resistance of Delight

And so we have arrived at June. Perhaps you are one who comes alive with the blooming of flowers, energized by the warming of sun and ready for a summer of activity and adventure. Or perhaps you are simply exhausted and in need of rest.

June … read more.

The Path of Creativity

This month we explore The Path of Creativity. Our May Soul Matters theme reminds us that we are all creative. Some of us are performers and activists, others are writers and artists, and still others are gardeners and teachers. But together we are meaning-makers and … read more.


Our April monthly theme is Resistance. We explore this theme through Worship, through Children’s Religious Education, and through our Adult Small Group Ministry Soul Matters groups (if you are interested in joining a group, send me a message!). This month I also invite us to … read more.

Finding Our Center

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope that this season finds you well, renewed and hopeful for things to come. And if you are troubled or weary, please know that you may always reach out to me, or to our UUC Care Team members.

We begin this … read more.

Accepting the Invitation of Darkness

Dear Ones,

The month of December brings us into a time of darkness. I invite us all to welcome this darkness- not as something to be feared, or obliterated with a million flashing lights. Let us take time over the next several weeks to slow our … read more.