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One More Year Around the Sun

It’s my birthday this week. March 6th, to be exact. I have a few traditions and rituals when it comes to celebrating birthdays. First, in my family, it is somewhat traditional to call the person on their birthday and sing Happy Birthday to them. This … read more.

Milestones and Anniversaries

This past week, the United States passed a horrible, tragic milestone. Over 500,000 people have died from Covid-19 in our country. The number is too large to reasonably fathom. Some of the members of UUC have lost loved ones to this illness. Many know someone … read more.

Vacation and Study Leave

Most Unitarian Universalist ministers are granted a month of vacation and a month of study leave each year. Traditionally, these were taken as one large block in the middle of the summer. This can be traced back to the Unitarians in Boston, and other cities, … read more.

Reflections on an Inauguration

Did you watch the Inauguration? Perhaps see clips of it later? Cheryl watched it live. I watched it in full later that afternoon. Both of us found ourselves with tears on our cheeks at various points. It was a moving, emotional event. In a lot … read more.

Grief… Waiting…

As I write this, our nation has hit a tragic milestone. Over 400,000 people in the United States have died from this pandemic. Many more have been infected and survived, only to face long-term health complications. And for each death, the number of loved … read more.

Minister’s Musings


I’m reminded of a Facebook meme a friend posted the other day. It showed a Windows Computer Screen with an error message.

“2021 Critical System Error. Please Turn Off Year and Reboot.”

That’s the way I’ve been feeling about the last week. I’m smart enough to … read more.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021!

On the one hand, the end of one year and the start of another is an imaginary, somewhat arbitrary thing. Yes, the rotation around the sun is 365 days– give or take. But the actual day? That was just something a king decreed and everyone … read more.

Happy Holidays

We are in the midst of the holiday season. It is mid-Hanukkah when I write this. I’m working on this Sunday’s Winter Solstice service and also planning for the Christmas Eve Candlelight service.  And there are a dozen other possible holidays I know of that … read more.

Celebrating the Holidays in 2020

On Monday, Cheryl said, “We’re getting a tree today.”
I looked at her and said, “Ok….  When?”

Monday is usually my day off, but I’d already had three zoom meetings and 1 phone call– and two of those were surprises I’d forgotten to put on my … read more.

Holiday Rituals – Old and New

UUC Members and Friends,

We have entered into that time of the year my mentor, Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates, called “The Silly Season.” From late October through early April, the calendar is chock full of holidays and holy days. Every faith, and those faithfully-unaffiliated, too, find … read more.