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Why Hybrid?

Earlier this year, the UUC Board discussed how and when we might return to in-person worship services. As part of that discussion, they considered the whether or not to return to services the way they were (with adaptions and limitations for safety in our post-pandemic … read more.

Vaccinations, Masks, Consent & Covenant

Now that many of the UUC community have been fully vaccinated, there is a strong desire to return back to the way things were. We want to come together for social events, worship services, and even meetings. At the same time, we struggle with what … read more.

Returning to In-Person Service

As more and more people get vaccinated, the time is coming when we will be on the other side of this pandemic. Things will never “return to normal,” but we will discover and create a “new normal.” Part of that new normal will be a … read more.

Sharing Our Stories

The Soul Matters theme for the month of May is STORY. Stories is a fabulous theme and I’m looking forward to exploring it in the pulpit and in our small groups. I’ve loved hearing and reading stories since I was a child. As I grew … read more.


As I write this, a jury in Minnesota has returned three guilty verdicts in the case against the ex-police officer that murdered George Floyd. For months, people in that community have been waiting and protesting. And with each new atrocity, the pain has deepened– if … read more.

Fully Vaccinated

Cheryl and I both got our 2nd shot last week. The process was easy and quick and the folks were all quite friendly. I wore my “I Support Science” t-shirt and my duck bill mask. The mask was a big hit. I like to bring … read more.

Both / And: Covid Edition

One of the unspoken tenets of our faith tradition is the acceptance of both/and over either/or. Things can be both one thing and another thing. They aren’t necessarily either this or that. The other day, a person shared a meme on Facebook that I needed … read more.

Stewardship Theme: Reconnecting!

UUC’s annual stewardship campaign starts Friday of next week. The Stewardship Team has chosen the theme of RECONNECTING! After the challenges of the last year, our physical distancing, the anxiety and grief of the pandemic, we really do NEED to RECONNECT. We’ve done an amazing … read more.

Getting Vaccinated

I’ve been enjoying every report I’ve received of members of UUC getting vaccinated. Cheryl and I are signed up to get our first vaccinations on the 18th of this month. We will have to drive 2 hours to Syracuse to get ours, but we can … read more.

One More Year Around the Sun

It’s my birthday this week. March 6th, to be exact. I have a few traditions and rituals when it comes to celebrating birthdays. First, in my family, it is somewhat traditional to call the person on their birthday and sing Happy Birthday to them. This … read more.