Nurturing Beauty All Around Us

Beauty. It’s all around us. This morning I spent some time just noticing the blooming pink cherry blossom trees all around our grounds, and the yellow and red tulips on the front lawn. We are entering that time of year known for its visual allure. Beauty is a gift that the Earth gives us, for which we offer our praise and gratitude.

But beauty is also a gift we can give the Earth and each other. This month our Soul Matters theme invites us to do that by “Nurturing Beauty”. Those congregants who picked up garbage and transplanted sunflowers after service last Sunday were doing just that. So were the ones who shared their messages in the service, listened patiently to another’s story, encouraged a child in religious education, baked delicious treats to share at coffee hour, created music to fill our sanctuary, or declared a powerful message of love and inclusion to a world filled with far too much ugly destruction.

As I look to the month ahead, I see so many opportunities for us to bring our gifts together to nurture beauty. There will be ways to welcome guests from neighboring UU congregations, expand our membership ministry, partner to welcome refugees to Stamford, launch a new 8th principle initiative, celebrate religious education, bless animals in the park, sing and make music, and declare our saving message loud and clear that all are beloved and welcome by dedicating our new Pride Sign.

The world needs to hear our welcoming, embracing, saving message more than ever. If any of these opportunities to nurture beauty interest you (or if you have an idea to add to the list), let me know and I will connect you with others. Let’s share our gifts to create and nurture beauty in the world together.

In peace,
Rev. Terri