The Power of We

Dear friends,

Democracy is hard work and it can be messy at times. But it is also important work, and the way we can ensure that all people have a voice. Over the past several months, your Board and its task forces and committees have worked hard to communicate openly with and listen to the feedback of the congregation, including through four congregational conversations held from October through June, a survey in January, and nine vision circles that were held this Spring. I applaud their hard work to lead the congregation in embodying the “Power of We”. Democracy works best when there is engagement and participation from everyone; this can of course include disagreements and times when we do not all get what we want.  Our pluralism makes those disagreements inevitable, and we must find ways to work together.

Thank you all for continuing to do the work even when it is hard. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for working to come back into covenant when you have come apart. We have learned a lot this past year. As we move forward, we will continue to learn and practice how to do all of this better together- including, in the months ahead, through the establishment of a Healthy Congregations- Right Relations Team.

This Sunday all members have a chance to participate in the Democratic Process through the Congregation’s Annual Meeting. But first we will celebrate together with a Flower Ceremony – a ritual that embodies the beauty we might create when we bring our own unique selves into community together.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Rev. Terri